A fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours

From the moment you enter The Villa, the restaurant offers a choice of outdoor or indoor seating and is designed to provide a relaxed yet elegant dining experience, perfectly suited to bring colleagues, friends and family together. With an award-winning kitchen brigade and specialised service team, The Villa offers daily specials to its a la carte menu, making the most out of the freshest ingredients the Mediterranean has to offer.
The eating culture Malta possesses today is the reflection of our ancestral heritage. This archipelago was a hunting ground found between the Eurasian and African trade route. Sovereignties that conquered and nestled here, had an influence on the native cuisine. The Villa embodies this inheritance thus celebrates this cosmopolitan cuisine with modern combinations. Holds true to the past, embraces foreign connections and gives another dimension to familiar ingredients.



Inspired by the bold, fragrant essence of gastronomy, The Villa brings a distinguished quality to each culinary offering blending Mediterranean and Asian cuisine with its Eurasian concept.
With a deep appreciation for piquancy and the arts, each dish is an interweave of flavour and vigour. Boasting a wide selection of carefully aged meats & fresh fish, the menu is both adventurous and refined.
The Villa aspires to delight the selective consumer, providing a relaxing atmosphere in the surroundings of iconic Balluta Bay.



Our most popular dishes

Beef Tartar


Confit Yolk | Yeast | Gherkin| Dill | Caviar

Salmon Pastrami


Beets | Amaranth | Buttermilk

Lamb liver parfait


Marinated sardines | Green olive| Pear

Collection of dry aged & fresh beef


Brassicas | Jus gras

Rack of Venison


Parsnips | Orzotto| Blackberry

Pain perdu


Vanilla anglaise | Prune & Armagnac ice cream

Chocolate and tonka bean


Raspberry and yuzu sorbet



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