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Happy Weekdays

Monday to Friday. The working week. The stressful jobs. Why not treat yourself to after work drinks at Nori?!


What’s even better is our Happy Weekdays, available from Monday to Friday between 6pm and 8pm. We are offering you ‘buy one get one free on delicious, specially crafted cocktails, to help you relax, unwind and forget about your troubles. We believe there is nothing better than overlooking Balluta Bay, cocktail in hand with the stunning surroundings of Nori at The Villa. Let us guide you through the concept of Happy Weekdays.

Giuseppe Volpe is our Bars Manager and he’s ready and waiting for you to make unique, specially crafted cocktails. With over 15 years of bartending, Giuseppe has travelled food markets around the world, discovering new flavours to compliment his style of mixology and has a keen interest in the Asian culture, which led him to experiment with botanicals. Giuseppe’s beliefs lead him to define his cocktail making as a healthy way to enjoy drinking, meaning he’ll only use the best ingredients when creating his unique blends.

Happy Weekdays brings a unique concept to cocktail making as all our cocktails at Nori are crafted which means our bar staff will create exactly what you want depending on different factors. Being so involved in your cocktail making decision means each cocktail will be suited to you as an individual, which we think is something really special. Be prepared to discuss your spirit preference, whether that is sweet, sour or spicy. Our bar staff will always ask about any allergies you may have, including what you dislike in general and also the mood you’re in at that moment. It’s a totally memorable experience.

Here, at Nori at The Villa, we have incredibly high standards when it comes to our cocktail making. Our bar staff pursue different flavours and ingredients, also curative herbs, spices, natural sweeteners and bitter agents to help create much healthier cocktails. One main experience we undertake with the Nori team is to go foraging for edible plants that the island of Malta has to offer to allow us to create new, local flavours. Always going the extra mile, our bar staff will exceed your expectations by creating unique flavours and showcasing our home grown flowers and Mediterranean spices.

So, what is trending this Summer in the cocktail world?!

All of our Summer flavours will be based on indigenous products, transforming your weekdays in to memorable experiences. We’ll be incorporating Summer berries and infused gins into a lot of our offerings as a light and fruity Summer drink. However, if you haven’t got much of a sweet tooth, we’ll be looking forward to serving some sour cocktails full of flavour and zing. Keep in mind our gin and rum based cocktails for a true Summer experience.

However your weekday goes, there’s always a reason to treat yourself to delicious, unique cocktails made by our experienced bar staff at Nori. Join us soon for Happy Weekdays!


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